Play Imitating Life

April is autism awareness month for all who do not have autism in their homes. I no longer live with my autistic brother, but I constantly remember the experiences I’ve had. There are a lot of experiences with autism that are incredibly difficult, but those serve to make moments like the one retold in “Play Imitating Life” ( that much more powerful. All children are brilliant. I wish all adults (parents or not) would realize that.

—– is generally a great autism parenting resource. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thank you for reposting this. It was truly an inspired moment that proved that autistic people are not as detached as they often appear. They are quite intelligent and clever.

    • Agreed. With my brother we sometimes think it is less that his whole brain is effected physically and more that there is just interference most of the time. The moments of learning or attentive response seem to suggest it.

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